Sense of Place

Sense of Place-Holly Wilson
Sense of Place

“Sense of Place”
Bronze, Patina and Geode Rock

Available Through the Studio

on view at C.N. Gorman Museum

January 9 – March 16, 2018

Talk Story, Solo Exhibition
CN Gorman Museum
1316 Hart Hall Universtiy of California
One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616

We strive for human attachment and belonging whether in a place or a sense of self. This boy and girl are not 2 people but oneself, 2 halves of a whole. The geode can reflect the same and when broken open it reveals its sides and secrets hidden within. The figures are not glued to the rock, they are fitted, like a key in a lock. They balance in their stand much like we do in our life.

Sense of Place-v4-Holly Wilson
Sense of Place


Sense of Place-v1-Holly Wilson
Sense of Place