A look inside my studio process

by Holly Wilson

I came from a world of working in clay. I began using bronze when I had the need to make my figures stand on a single delicate toe and balance as if caught in mid air.

While many other bronze artist work in multiples’, I made a decision at the very beginning to never make a copy or edition. That is how I worked in clay and I feel that each piece is a spirit and a life of its own, I am telling a story with each work and feel I cannot repeat that story.

Here are some images of the process in the studio.


It is the simple moments in the day that spark my imagination: the way a certain stick looks like a bird in flight, or the amazement of my son when he saw the inside of a geode rock for the first time. These moments begin to intersect, and the work grows from the many elements seen, found, remembered, or felt. These are the moments I hold in my mind when I create the work.


Holly Wilson – It’s A Thin Line in wax





HollyWilson-wax girl
Holly Wilson – wax girl


Cylinder ready to pour investment - Holly Wilson Studio
Cylinder ready to pour investment – Holly Wilson Studio