Lost in My History

Lost in My History-Holly Wilson
Lost in My History

Lost in My History

Unique Cast Bronze, Patina, Glass, Brass, 14” x 6” x 6”, 2022

As a young girl my dad had these amazing, beaded work of art that he made and from time to time I would start but then stop or walk away from learning, leaving pieces in mid process. I was young, then later my life was busy and one reason after another keep me from the history and the time. My dad has passed away and that time I could have spent with him learning and hearing his stories of how and why the thread it pulled through the beeswax and the cut of bead and the way to hold the needle are lost. I lost not just the history but him and that time with him. I am now looking to teach myself these ways and I hold him in my mind and my heart as I go forward.


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