Messenger in Red

Messenger in Red-Holly Wilson
Messenger in Red

Messenger in Red
18”x 21”x 6.5”
Encaustic, Unique Cast Bronze on Birch Board

It is the story of a Red Cardinal that comes close to you as if they are visiting you from a far, the carrier of a messages, whispered in the wind from one who was lost. They hold the hope of goodness and new things to come.

I have dreamed many times that I was a bird flying and then to awaken to see I am just a person. I create these birds with that hit of human with their eyes and our hands as we hold tight to the hope we hear in the wind.


Currently on view at MA Doran Gallery

For inquiries, please contact:
MA Doran Gallery
3509 S. Peoria Avenue | Tulsa, OK 74105 | 918.748.8700

Messenger in Red-sd-Holly Wilson
Messenger in Red
Messenger in Red-detail-Holly Wilson
Messenger in Red