Paper Wings: Fearless-Holly Wilson
Paper Wings: Fearless


2017, 21”x 23” x 13”, Unique Cast Bronze with Patina

It started with looking at my children playing and making their other world, if they needed wings they would make them from paper and sticks tied together. Their masks were transforming and all-consuming for them they believed and they became the bird.

We use a mask as a facade to be the thing we sometimes can not be, to fill that spot or give us courage.

Sometimes it is the unknown that we fear so we do not step when it is the step into that unknown that we need to live and breath. The figure prepares to fly away on her paper wings. It is a leap of faith that her wings will hold. In that moment she must be fearless to take the leap.


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Exhibition History

  • Holly Wilson: Talk Story, C.N. Gorman Museum, University of California-Davis (January 9-March 16, 2018)