The Four Matriarchs-Holly Wilson
The Four Matriarchs

The Four Matrarchs-Holly Wilson

Bronze, Patina and Wood
10″ x 36″ x 11″, 2015
By Holly Wilson


Bonner David Galleries
7040 E. Main Street
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

The figures are that look at the generations of woman, daughter, mother, grandmother, great grandmother. The base is from a rocking chair arm that my mother gave to me. I saw the rocker echoing the form of a mother and her pregnant belly holding that next generation that next life and untold story.

The Cigar Figures come from a Native American story of my childhood that my mother told of the “Stick People”. The “Stick People” would run through the night and call your name, she never described the figures and I was drawn to the idea of what they looked like for most of my life. The Cigar Figures are my reimagining of that story, now a story of family and my past. The figures are made of real cigars and found sticks. I create molds of the cigars and then cast them and the sticks in bronze.

Technical Details

  • Camera: iPhone 6 Plus
  • Taken: September 25, 2015
  • Focal length: 4mm
  • Aperture: f/2
  • Exposure: 1/159 second
  • ISO: 32