Wind Rider

Wind Rider-Holly Wilson-sv
Wind Rider

Wind Rider

Unique Cast Bronze and Patina, 17” x 48” x 8.5” , 2022

My children and I love to pick up sticks that look like birds or dragons. In the story I made up with my daughter there is a young girl who is playing outside when she hears a rustling in the bushes next to her, as she looks closer, she sees this beautiful dragon emerge with a long body and tail. They both stare at each other in amazement and then the dragon says, “Can you see me? Only MY Rider can truly see me.” The young girl tells the dragon “I can see you”, and then they rode through the skies for the rest of the afternoon. When her mom looked out the window, she only saw her playing with a stick, but for the girl, she saw her dragon, and she was the Wind Rider.

As we get older, I think we forget to see the dragons that are hiding in the sticks and that we can fly through the skies with our arms outstretched, feeling the wind pass beneath us.  I try to remember, never stop looking for the magic, and that our dreams can come true.


Currently on view in a Solo Exhibition
“On Turtle’s Back”
September 8 – October 11, 2022
Pauly Friedman Art Gallery
Misericordia University
301 Lake Street
Dallas, PA 18612

For inquiries, please contact:
The Studio
Mustang, OK 73064 | 405.308.0239

Wind Rider-Holly Wilson-Detail

Wind Rider

Wind Rider-Holly Wilson-BV
Wind Rider
Wind Rider-Holly Wilson
Wind Rider