Big Stories in Small-Scale & Wearable Art Casting

Carried in the Wind-detail-Holly Wilson
Carried in the Wind

Canceled due to COVID 19
Big Stories in Small-Scale & Wearable Art Casting

Holly Wilson
July 6 – 10, 2020

I am a strong believer in creating small things that carry a big story. Whether you want to create wearable art or small-scale sculptures, the methods are the same. In this workshop, you will create unique pieces carved or built up from wax, or cast directly from nature using leaves, pinecones, pods, etc. You will learn the process of “lost wax” casting – both gravity and centrifugal methods. This workshop will include an introduction to the materials, methods, and safety measures of casting, as well as how to produce and finish small bronze or sterling silver work. You will also be introduced to several mold-making processes. Returning students will be shown new methods and may choose to work on advanced projects.

Skill Level: All levels
Tuition: $755
Attendance: You must attend all required instructional sessions to understand and follow safety guidelines.
Lab Fee: $130 – This workshop’s $130 lab fee includes casting wax, investment, sprue wax, shared use of patinas, sealing wax, mold material, kiln, metal working tools such as flex shafts, grinders or files, wax carving tools, and a small alcohol lamp, safety goggles, and dust masks. You will be asked to bring additional materials. Sterling silver is not covered and will need to be purchased by students prior to class.
Materials List: Coming Soon
Enrollment limited to 8 students

Here is a link to the enrollment online

Pod Earrings-Sterling Silver-Holly Wilson
Pod Earrings-Sterling Silver-Holly Wilson
Origami Crane Earrings-Holly Wilson