How many boxes and tubes does it take to move Holly Wilson’s Studio

Studio view 1

For me moving has always meant that I must stop, take stock of my life and then give up asking “why do I have so much stuff” and just put it in a box and move it to the new place!

To make this more fun I offer a guessing game! like that of how many jelly beans are in the jar, but “How many boxes and tubs does it take to move Holly Wilson’s Studio?”

I will not be counting the things that DO NOT fit in a box.

And yes there will be a fun give away at the end! The fun give a way will be an 3″ x 5″ encaustic Bird (no bronze) using an image of the winners as a base to work from, I get to pick the bird you most look like to ME!


Post your guess here on the blog. I will number all the boxes and tubs I bring out of the 2 studios (one inside one outside)

The person who is the closes without going over will be contacted about their fun bird like image! I will post the winner and their bird image!

Here are a few images to help you figure just how much stuff there is to pack. I will not be counting the things that DO NOT fit in a box.

The Guessing end at midnight Central Standard time, July 31, 2013

Only one guess per person! check other numbers please

Happy Guessing!

Studio view 3
Studio view 2

Studio view 4

Studio shop
Studio shop view 3 and yes those cabinets are full of things! LOL
Studio shop view 1
Studio shop view 1
Studio shop view 2
Studio shop view 2
The New Studio
The New Studio


  1. laura says:

    oh phooey. You all are guessing too high! I have faith in boxes and holly’s packing skills.
    I say, somewhere around 26.

  2. Andy McKinnon says:

    Depends on how much stuff Tom was throwing away while no one was watching…
    I say 54 boxes.

  3. HollyWilson says:

    Box size are a range from 1.5 cu ft to maybe 2.5 but there are also plastic tubs all are a size you could care.

  4. ande spenser says:

    It really depends on how you pack. It looks like you have about 25 cubic yards of non-furniture stuff, so if your goal is to move quick across town, get unpacked so you’re up and running again, you could do it with about 25-30 laundry baskets worth of stuff just all jumbled in together. Put a towel between the pix so they don’t rub and you can get those into two larger moving boxes. Laundry baskets are great for corralling things like lights, but be sure to take the bulbs out first.

    If it were me moving I generally just take out drawers where possible and don’t bother packing them, just stack ’em up in the back seat. You can get all your drawers in two trips, one if your floor space is big enough.

    The harbor freight oak worktable drawers don’t come out though, have to pack that stuff. Depending on what size of stuff is in it that will all fit in a milk crate, with room for your light bulbs on top.

    On the other hand, if you have to pack things carefully, I’d go with 42 boxes. I am a Tetris master so I could probably make it all fit into oh, 22 totes, but that would be better maybe for storage than for moving and getting back up and workable again. Just because you can cram things together doesn’t mean you should, especially where function is concerned.

    I love seeing other people’s studios. I am loving the wood shelves you have bodged in between those bookcases, gonna have to steal that idea.

    A workspace without stuff all over is suspicious. Lack of stickies all over the walls is also suspicious. Therefore, from analyzing these pictures, I can conclude that you are a genuine artist, a slave to your Muse. 🙂

  5. Brent Wendorff says:

    I’m thinking the number is 52. Some of that stuff wont go in a box, and she may have to toss some things as she goes. Dried out paint pots, ruined brushes, etc.

  6. HollyWilson says:

    Ande Spenser, you are funny, and yes it is not a far move but we are using a moving company to pick up as many boxes as possible! so it has to move safely in the hands of 4 strapping young moving men with hopefully able muscles…

  7. Eleanor says:

    22 and a half boxes for the garage and 10 boxes for the studio. all together 32 boxes. Good luck my darling. wish I could help but actually glad I can’t.

  8. Luanne says:

    155 is the number that comes to mind. That’s a lot of packing. Good Luck. Enjoy your new studio!

  9. Kerry says:

    We moved a year ago and my wife has about half of what Holly has. It took us 48 boxes so I think 96 is going to be the winning answer! Poor moving guys…

  10. Cobra44Magnum says:

    First, is that an empty pocket book next to the Mac in the second picture? Seems appropriate. 🙂

    Anyway, 69 seems like a good number.

  11. Kay Mickle says:

    Ok, so I’m thinking 47 boxes and/or tubs. Why? Because some of my other guesses were already taken! May your new studio give you many years of pleasure and productivity!

  12. Gail Banett says:

    Wow,,,,,,,,101 sounds like a painful amount to pack! Lots of wonderful things that need to be carefully packed! Can’t wait to see everything in its new place 😉 Happy Moving!!!!!

  13. Roger says:

    I am guessing four boxes. One small box for Z. One medium box for W. Two large boxes for Tom.

  14. Kim S. Joy says:

    Holly- I just moved my stained glass studio home and I feel for you. The movement of boxes started mid-June and last night I unpacked the last box! I moved from a 15 x 15 to a 2 room 10 x 34 and 9 x 16 studio, loving it plus it is at home and plenty of teaching space. Smooth moving and happy set up!
    How many boxes do I think it will take to move you? 133.

  15. gail chester says:

    Ah yes – moving. Brings back memories 🙂
    I’m guessing 55 boxes. Good luck, and be careful out there. xxx

  16. Nick says:

    I’m going with price is right rules (lowest without going over wins) and putting my bid in at 1. I hope nobody is an asshole and guesses 2.
    Remember to spay and neuter your pets.

  17. Vanessa Elmore says:

    I feel like I’m talking with the troll at the bridge in the Monty Python movie The Holy Grail: What is the magic number? 45, no wait, 54…POOF!

    In all seriousness, the magic number will be 45…yes, 45…that’s it. 45. (saying it three times makes it come true, right?)

    Now, to find a bird that has lips as big as mine….hehe, good luck.

  18. Holly Wilson says:

    These are the greatest comments and guesses! It has really made the bore of boxing so much fun and will be interesting to see what it does take to move all of this stuff!

  19. Rebecca Dierickx Taylor says:

    Holly I feel for you–as you know I did the same thing last year when I moved to Colorado. I had a lot of boxes–overwhelming!! The only thing that made it ‘fun’ to move was knowing I was getting a new studio 🙂 I had over 100 boxes–and you look like you have way more than I did–so my guess is…140. Enjoy the new studio!!

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