The Intersection of Encaustic, Resin, 3D and Mold Making – June 26-30, 2020

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Between Us

The Intersection of Encaustic, Resin, 3D, and Mold Making
Holly Wilson
June 26-30, 2020

It is the intersection of material, form and ideas that you will explore. Encaustic is the wax-based paint composed of beeswax, resin and pigment, which is kept liquid on a heated palette, and then applied to an absorbent surface. Learn to create fascinating structures that leave the two-dimensional plane. Come to this workshop with your own variety of materials including wood, cardboard, metal, clay, plaster, fiber, paper, objects from nature, or treasures you have held onto for way too many years. Experiment with how the materials may be dipped, painted, wired, glued, hammered, but most of all, waxed. You will be instructed in encaustic safety and start by making your own encaustic medium with pigment application. Learn fusing, transparency, glazing, layering, building up texture, line techniques, carving, image transfer, mold making, and resin application with different surfaces that can be achieved in resin. Create your own silicon molds and learn how to cast wax and quick setting liquid plastic. Returning students may work on advanced projects.

Skill Level: All levels

Tuition, room, and board: $1719
Day student tuition: $840

Lab Fee: $120 includes: encaustic wax, pigments, 2 12”x16” wood panels, propane, Rebound 25 Brushable, liquid plastic, use of wood-burning tools, griddles, propane torches, alcohol lamp, two metal tools.

You will be asked to bring additional materials.
Materials List: Coming Soon
Enrollment limited to 8 students

A View From Within Under The Skin by Holly Wilson
A View From Within Under The Skin by Holly Wilson